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Landowner group sues state over ‘pore space’ law

Braaten Law Firm filed suit against the State of North Dakota on behalf of the Northwest Landowners Association, calling a new law “a taking of the inalienable rights of North Dakota landowners.” Read the article here. 

Western North Dakota Landowners Call Property Rights Bill ‘Offensive’

A group of Western North Dakota landowners recently testified against ND Senate Bill 2344, saying the bill is an offensive taking of private property rights. Our own Derrick Braaten testified to urge lawmakers to consider a more in-depth study of the issue instead of proceeding with the current bill. See the full story here.

Mineral Owners Successful in Claim Against Statoil; Ruling Underscores Important Takeaways for Lease Language

We are thrilled for our clients that we successfully resolved a North Dakota Supreme Court appeal of a case interpreting an oil and gas lease’s termination provisions in our clients’ favor. See Johnson v. Statoil Oil & Gas LP et al., 2018 ND 227.  While we are pleased with the result, the case also carries … Read More

Industrial Commission gives oil industry more flexibility on flaring

Derrick Braaten, a Bismarck attorney who represents landowners and royalty owners, said he doesn’t think the commission is taking the right approach to encourage investment. “To me, it’s too much of a nice guy approach,” Braaten said. “I understand being business-friendly, but businesses respond to regulatory environments, too.”