Financial Eligibility Requirements and Attorneys’ Fees Awards

  Most farmers have probably received federal farm program payments, and possibly, program payment denials over the years.  I wrote a different blog post titled “Fighting the Man” in which I outlined the process for challenging such denials through the USDA’s National Appeals Division, and eventually up to the federal district courts.  This process applies … Read More

Easements, Eminent Domain, and Landowner Rights

Easements are a recurring issue for landowners and I regularly receive calls with a number of common questions.  As oil and gas gathering infrastructure catch up with the boom, landowners in the region will continue to receive requests for easements. If you receive an easement proposal, it is an important preliminary question whether the developer … Read More

Eminent Domain Abuse

In any eminent domain proceeding, there is a question of what amount is “just compensation” for the property being taken.  In my experience, there can be significant differences in how developers arrive at a compensation offer.  There is a serious need for clarification and amendments to the law in North Dakota to address the appropriate … Read More