Derrick Braaten Quoted in NBC News Article about ND Farmer’s Fight with Petro Harvester

Braaten represents Daryl Peterson, a ND farmer whose property has been the site of significant oil production-related spills. Daryl says it’s become his “life’s mission” to get some justice for his land, so he and his wife are suing the oil company, Petro Harvester.  “It’s incumbent on me to protect my property to the best of my ability for myself and my family,” Peterson said. “Enough is enough.” Braaten says, “The Oil and Gas Division [of the Department of Mineral Resources] has a regulation that says you need to restore the land to its original condition. … I think anyone understands what that means,” he said. “When you get into the details, you start to understand how that’s not actually happening.”  

Find the full article here. 

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