Please Join Us: Summer Education Tour with Northwest Landowners and Braaten Law Firm

Northwest Landowners Association will host a Summer Education Tour, starting Monday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 5th. 

We will gather in 6 cities across 4 days to discuss: 

● Landowner rights in pore space (including updates on and discussion of pore space litigation and recent legislation on gas storage)

● Wind development, wind leasing, and landowner groups

● Landowner compensation for energy development (pipelines, well pads, wind farms, pore space, and creation of a landowner compensation database)

● Eminent domain and recent United States Supreme Court cases

● Bonding, plugging and reclamation of abandoned and orphaned oil wells, and reared landowner rights

● Landowner concerns and questions


Please join us in the following cities, and please invite your friends and neighbors: 

Tioga (Monday, 8/2) at 9:00 AM CST at the City Fire Hall.  RSVP to the TIOGA Facebook event here.

New Town (Monday, 8/2) at 3:00 PM CST at the Civic Center, Squad Room. RSVP to the NEW TOWN Facebook event here

Dunn Center (Tuesday, 8/3) at 9:00 AM MST at City Hall.  RSVP to the DUNN CENTER Facebook event here

Watford City (Tuesday, 8/3) at 3:00 PM CST at Rough Rider Hotel, Gold Room. RSVP to the WATFORD CITY Facebook event here

Bowman (Wednesday, 8/4) at 1:00 PM MST at the Bowman Lodge & Convention Center (Dakota Room).  RSVP to the BOWMAN Facebook event here

Mandan (Thursday, 8/5) at 10:00 AM CST at Baymont Seven Seas, Cutty Sark Room. RSVP to the MANDAN Facebook event here


Click the following link for more information: NWLA Summer Education Tour PR or visit for more information. 

If you are unable to attend an in person meeting, check out the livestream. 


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