Summit Project Raises Many Landowner Concerns

Derrick is quoted in a recent essay detailing the winding history of the Summit Carbon Solutions regional development plan. In this story by ESG University (Environmental Social Governance) Jason Speiss details his opinion that, “very few from North Dakota will benefit from this project, however they are the ones being forced to pay into it. All the risk, almost zero reward.”

This article incorporates significant, complex detail surrounding how the project came about, how it is being funded, who benefits, how our elected officials are involved, and what concerns landowners have over their rights being protected. There are many questions raised about state officials protecting oil & gas interests above private property rights, and refers to 5 of 7 property rights bills being killed at this year’s legislative session. Speiss also suggests that “the state’s decision to usurp the power of the people and tie themselves to decades of ethanol and carbon subsidies may become the documented starting point for the citizens in five states to finalize their coordinating efforts in what could become yet another expensive pipeline protest for the state of North Dakota.”  

Read the article here. 

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