Areas of Practice

Administrative Law

The team at Braaten Law Firm is experienced with a variety of administrative appeals, whether from a decision of a local government or a government agency because we are familiar with both the Administrative Agencies Practice Act and government agency rules and regulations.

Agricultural Law

All of the attorneys at our firm focus on agricultural law and we have built our practice on this cornerstone. Whether its a simple farm lease, a Prevent Plant denial or a complex contractual dispute, we have the experience and know-how to handle the legal issues farmers and ranchers face.

Eminent Domain and Condemnation

In our practice, we strive to move the yardsticks when possible and practical for clients. Our professionals have represented landowners faced with eminent domain and condemnation proceedings from initial negotiations through trial.

Energy Law

Our energy law practice focuses on helping the farmers, ranchers and other individuals impacted by energy development. We’ve found that most firms primarily serve the movers of energy development, which is why we serve those dealing with the results of such developments.

Environmental Law

Environmental law is about preserving our past, present and future. We are one of the only firms in the area with practice focus in this area and have represented individuals who have suffered from the impact of environmental disasters, such as oilfield saltwater spills and train wrecks.

Oil and Gas Law

Our oil and gas practice focuses on helping the farmers, ranchers and other individuals impacted by oil and gas development in North Dakota. We support responsible energy development, but we demand the landowners who deal with its impacts have a voice and a vote in how development occurs.

Private Property Rights

There is a significant degree of overlap in our practice areas, and property law is no exception. Government decisions on land uses can impact many people, from farmers and ranchers to landowner advocacy groups and stewardship organizations, and we have the expertise to advocate for your needs.

Saltwater Spills

We have worked with numerous soil scientists, chemical engineers, hydrologists, and other experts on large and complex litigation and negotiations related to the impacts of saltwater contamination. We are experts in the law related to this, and have developed a significant understanding of the science behind saltwater contamination as well.

Tribal Law and Federal Indian Law

Derrick is experienced working for individuals in tribal courts, and has represented several Indian tribes, tribal businesses and tribal governmental bodies in tribal, state and federal courts.

Water Law

As with all of our practice areas, our work in water law focuses on serving landowners because water is the heart of their livelihoods. From drainage projects to easement negotiations and wetland determinations, we have experience with all aspects of water law necessary to serve our landowner clients.

Wind Energy Law

Our wind law practice focuses on negotiating for landowners impacted by wind development. Although we have represented wind developers in the past, our practice focuses on helping landowners negotiate with developers for just compensation that protect both land and landowner.

Have an Immediate Need or Concern?

We excel at responding to the unexpected and have the experience necessary to ensure we are prepared when the unexpected occurs. Please contact us if you find yourself in need of astute attorneys with a passion for protecting land and its stewards.

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