Oil and Gas Law

Our oil and gas practice focuses on helping the farmers, ranchers and other individuals impacted by oil and gas development in North Dakota. We support responsible energy development, but we demand that the landowners who deal with its impacts have a voice and a vote in how this development occurs. In order to ensure that we do not have conflicts with respect to representing landowners and mineral owners, we do not represent oil and gas operators or developers.

Because of our historic focus on agricultural law, our attorneys also have a crucial understanding of how oil and gas development affects farmers and ranchers in particular. We have negotiated countless easements, surface damage agreements, and mineral leases. In our negotiations and in drafting documents for landowners, we pay particular attention to creating enforceable standards for reclamation. The firm has been involved in numerous cases of first impression in North Dakota, and has pushed the envelope on behalf of mineral owners.

Derrick Braaten
Kai Thorsgard
Kai Thorsgard