Saltwater Spills

Because we focus our practice in specific areas, we have developed a specific set of skills and knowledge. Among these is a very deep understanding of the impacts of saltwater spills on water and the soil. Whether you call it brine, produced water, or saltwater, the impact on the soil is the same, and it is often far worse than an oil spill. We have worked with numerous soil scientists, chemical engineers, hydrologists, and other experts on large and complex litigation and negotiations related to the impacts of saltwater contamination. We are experts in the law related to this, and have developed a significant understanding of the science behind saltwater contamination as well. We are capable of running field screening tests ourselves for chlorides and electroconductivity, two of the primary markers used to delineate saltwater contamination. We have worked on negotiations and litigation for the largest saltwater spills in the State of North Dakota, and we are not afraid to take on complex litigation to protect the land and its stewards.

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